Tips for Travel

    Learn Spanish -

    Know the basics. You can get by with very little Spanish. You should learn the basic phrases so that you can ask questions. You probably will not understand the responses and they may or may not be accurate but at least you try. I suggest a lot of gesticulation. Practice at home by playing charades.


    Don't expect street addresses - Few streets have names and even fewer houses are numbered in Nicaragua's towns and cities. Finding something can be a real adventure. Maps are only accurate sometimes and things often change. Embrace the crazy and just enjoy your day out searching. Try to stay on the shady side of the street. Also, expect to be told to go to where a landmark used to be and head towards the lake.


    Rainy Season-

    I suggest to everyone to travel during the rainy season in Nicaragua. Unlike some of the neighboring countries, it does not rain heavily every day. The land is brilliant and full of life during the months of late May- mid-November The rain comes hard and leaves quick. It is very common that it only rains at night. The occasional tropical storm comes through and you have a few days of rain but it is warm and nice. It is very uncommon for travelers to melt in the rain so do not worry about getting wet.


    Read -

    There is a great book called, Blood of Brothers which offers a great first-hand account of Nicaragua's brutal history in the 70s and 80s. It is a great read and will help you understand why some of the things are the way they are. For instance, why does everything come in a plastic bag? Also, it is good to read guide books to get an understanding of what is out there for you to explore. Do not take them as gospel. Things change in Nicaragua fast, sometimes faster than the books can update. Treehouse Poste Rojo is not even in the books yet.


    Bring Gifts -

    Everyone loves the gift bearer. tee shirts, clothing, nick knacks, frisbees, kids toys and used baseball equipment are great to have when you want to befriend the locals. I often buy marbles in the market and carry them in my pocket. It is fun to hand them out to random kids and watch them smile. Of course, they will probably be used for sling shot ammunition and shot at some poor bird but try to think of the smile not the bird.


    Stuff to Bring -

    A flashlight or head lamp, a day pack and a larger pack. I prefer to pack all my clothes only in my backpack. If it is lost it is only replaceable items. I always keep my day pack on me. I carry my passport, camera, credit cards, money, phone and other valuables in it and it never leaves my site. You might want insect repellent and sunscreen. They are expensive in Nicaragua.


    Passport Copy -

    I email myself a scanned copy of my passport to a secure email server so that I can print a copy anywhere there is Internet access.


What's Going On







Nicaragua 365



Nicaragua's most complete property & tourism directory.


Nicaragua 365 offers luxury beach surf rentals and much more.

PURE Nicaragua



PURE Natural Health and Fitness Center hasworkout facilities, great natural food, massages and a wonderful highly trained international staff.


PURE and Poste Rojo unite every Monday for Yoga in the Treehouse.

La Libertad



A bedrock of Granada's backpacker scene, The Bearded Monkey is both a chilled and relaxed hang-out but with a friendly and sociable buzz. Friends and strangers alike lounge around carefree in hammocks and swinging chairs whilst

groups of sports enthusiasts cheer and whoop in the adjoining TV room. Yet neither characteristic of the hostel dominates.

With nearly all of the hostel's facilities including bar, dorms, computer suite, dining tables, hammocks and TV room centered around a large, leafy courtyard, The Bearded Monkey has a communal and social atmosphere.


The Monkey Hut



The Monkey Hut in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua, is a beautiful hostel in the middle of a pristine natural reserve, only half an hour away from Managua, and less than 20 minutes from Granada.

Apoyo Lodge



A little off the beaten path we offer a truly memorable stay in one of Nicaragua’s must see vacation spots. Located on the shores of Laguna de Apoyo.


There is a luxury house and a more cost effective dorm for the backpacker crowd. Shamus has a great outdoor kitchen, ping pong table and even a skate ramp.


Daytrips are often arranged at Poste Rojo.



Little Morgans



Little Morgan’s Resort is located on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.

The best place on the island for beauty, relaxation and fun!

Unique architecture in beautiful tropical surroundings on the lake.

There are affordable Dorms, Private Casitas, Hammocks, Restaurant, and Bar with free cable TV and Pool Table.

Totoco Eco Lodge



TOTOCO Eco Lodge, Ometepe Island's most unique and environmentally responsible hotel.


Totoco is a great get away for travelers looking for a couple of days of luxury. They have a wonderful bar and resturant with the best view on the island.


For the budget traveler they have a nice dorm also.

El Zopilote



El Zopilote is a hostel on a productive and beautiful farm, working with respect for the environment and nature


This a"must see" place for the budget traveler.

Project Bone Fide



Project Bona Fide is a non-profit organization working toward sustaining culture through organic agriculture, community correlated outreach, and re-forestation projects in Nicaragua.

naked Tiger Hostel



Situated right behind the town, Naked Tiger has astonishing views of the San Juan del Sur bay and rolling hills surrounding the area.


Enjoy a pool, lively party scene and luxury accommodations for affordable prices.